Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Maria Orange

Alumna - Garfield Heights, Ohio

Without her University of Phoenix bachelor’s degree, Maria feels she would not have her current position as an executive assistant at Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio. Maria set out to earn her degree to establish herself on a higher level in her profession, but at the time she had a full-time job and family to care for. When she found University of Phoenix online programs, she liked the positive aspects of the flexible schedule, as well as the diversity of her classmates and faculty. Working with individuals of various ages, different ethnicities and an array of professional backgrounds, provided Maria with what she believes is a comprehensive and diverse academic experience. She wanted to help her friend Terrance Owens experience higher education on that same level.

Terrance Owens

Recipient - Shaker Heights, Ohio

Terrance has provided a strong, positive influence in the lives of the youth he works with at the local YMCA. He wants to continue working with young people to teach them about making the right decisions and encourage them to do more with their lives so they can give back to the community. He wants to attend University of Phoenix to study health care or computer science as it relates to his work with youth. Earlier in his career, Terrance’s sister passed away and Terrance found it difficult to continue with his studies. Terrance realizes that because of his sister—and for his sister—he wants to go back to school to finish what he started so that he can be the positive influence in children’s lives, just as she was in his. With the Paying it ForwardSM Scholarship Program, Terrance will be able to realize his dream of helping others.

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