Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Melvin Gardner

Alumnus - West Jordan, Utah

In 1987, Melvin Gardner was working in the human resource field full time. His job did not match his career goals, and his full-time schedule did not provide him with the flexibility to obtain a higher education. And then, Melvin found the Bachelor of Science in Management program offered through University of Phoenix. He called to inquire about the program and was thoroughly impressed with not only the faculty and staff, but with the program curriculum as well. Thanks to the solid educational experience he received at University of Phoenix, Melvin is now a director in the Welfare Service Department of the Latter-day Saints Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. He believes he is successful in his career because of his experience at University of Phoenix. He is proud to pay forward his educational experience to his son.

Bryce Gardner

Recipient - Kearns, Utah

At 26 years old, Bryce Gardner has a job he really enjoys in the healthcare industry, a wife he loves dearly and the self-motivation that so many Generation-Xers possess. What Bryce feels is missing from his life is the ability to achieve his educational goals. He has progressed as far as he can professionally without a college degree. And, he would like to change that. He has attended college before. But a full-time job doesn’t allow much flexibility in class schedules, and Bryce arrived at a point where the classes he needed were not offered at night. Now, with the scholarship, Bryce can continue to support his family while bettering himself and his career. He is thrilled to pursue his lifelong career interest – finance and marketing and starting this new chapter of his life.

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