Paying it Forward - 2007 Profiles

Shane Heil

Alumnus - Brigham City, Utah

Shane found as he advanced in life both professionally and personally, traditional college courses no longer seemed to work with his lifestyle. And, when he realized that he was at a turning point in his career in the automotive industry, he knew a degree was almost obligatory in order to advance. He tried two traditional higher education institutions before enrolling at University of Phoenix. He received a degree in business from University of Phoenix. Shane is extremely proud of his accomplishment because he is the first of five children to complete a degree. Shane works for Autoliv North America as a program manager in the Customer Relations Management group. Shane is paying his educational experience forward to his sister, Breeze. Though the two were separated at an early age due to their parents’ divorce, they have remained close. Breeze was the motivation Shane needed to go back to school. He feels very touched that he is now able to offer his sister the same encouragement.

Breeze Smuin

Recipient - Roy, Utah

Breeze’s gift in life is her innate ability to connect and motivate elementary school students. She wants to see children develop a love for learning. She didn’t always know she was such a talented teacher. But, when her own two sons enrolled in school, Breeze was right there – in their school – making sure they paid attention and had a strong understanding of what they were being told. Soon, she decided to volunteer at her son’s school. It was then that she discovered she not only loved to help the students learn, she was really good at it. Raising two boys and running a household never left a lot of time for school work. Now that her sons are in school the entire day, Breeze decided it was time for her to practice what she preaches. She is looking forward to improving her own life and hitting the books again.

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