Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Allison Milne

Alumna - Meridian, Idaho

Moving to a new state for career opportunities left Allison Milne without family or close friends nearby. When she met Krystal Bingham at her local church, the two instantly hit it off and began a friendship where they supported each other’s life, work and educational goals. Allison received the encouragement she needed from Krystal to finish her education at University of Phoenix and obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing despite the fact that she was working full-time and pregnant. Without that encouragement, Allison doesn’t know if she would have been able to juggle the myriad of demands placed upon her. Her friend was her rock of support, and since then, Allison has completed her bachelor’s degree, is working toward her master’s in nursing, gave birth to a healthy baby and continues to work full-time in the oncology department at St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute in Boise. Allison says she owes much of her own success to her friend Krystal and wanted to “pay it forward” through the University’s scholarship program to help Krystal achieve the education that she desperately wants.

Krystal Bingham

Recipient - Nampa, Idaho

Sometimes you have to take a few steps back to gain additional steps forward in your life. That is the case with Krystal Bingham. Krystal dreams of teaching special-needs children and earning her degree to do just that, but she recently took a step back into a new job, which extremely limited her income because it was more closely aligned with her career goals. The dream of college now seemed too far away to consider due to the financial challenges involved until her friend Allison Milne took a step that would change Krystal’s life forever. Allison nominated Krystal for University of Phoenix’s Paying It Forward Scholarship, which would provide her a full-tuition scholarship to achieve her educational goal. Eventually, Krystal would like to use her degree and new skills to open her own home to provide care for special-needs children who have been lost in the foster care system.

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