Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Darryl Jones

Alumnus - Active Duty Military Member, Stationed in Schweinfurt, Germany

As a 24-year military veteran, Darryl Jones understands the importance of perseverance and determination to go after and reach a hard-earned goal. Due to his very active and mobile military career, which included two back-to-back tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the U.S. Army officer earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration and his master’s in education, curriculum and instruction completely online through University of Phoenix. Once Darryl started his education, however, he never looked back. As he nears retirement, he is committed to helping his wife achieve the educational goal she put on hold years earlier. Darryl knows the value of his degrees in helping him succeed in his career after so many years of placing his needs, the family’s needs and those of the military before her own he wants his wife to have that same success and feeling of accomplishment.

Lynette Jones


Recipient - Military spouse, Germany

Lynette Jones knows all about being a military spouse. She’s traveled the world with her husband as he was transferred from one assignment to another every three years to answer the call of duty. Even now, living in Germany where her husband is currently stationed, Lynette longs to put down some roots and begin taking classes at University of Phoenix. Thanks to the Paying It Forward Scholarship, which her husband nominated her for, she can complete her degree. She doesn’t regret a minute of her role in supporting her husband’s military career and pursuit of education, but now it’s her turn. Lynette would like to enroll in a bachelor’s program for health administration where she will use her new educational background to explore a career field of great interest to her. She also knows that by earning her degree, she will become an inspiration to her three daughters and demonstrate the importance of pursuing an education - no matter how old you are or where you happen to live.

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