Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Douglas Jenkins

Alumnus - Honolulu, Hawaii

After more than 10 years of enlisted service in the U.S. Navy, Doug Jenkins reached a point in his career where he could no longer advance without a college degree. He watched as others in his unit were promoted over him, and he knew the time had come to actively enroll in an academic program where he could excel. The problem was, what college or university could accommodate his work as a nuclear submarine machinist where he was underwater more than he was on land, and through several changes of duty stations throughout the world? He found his answer with University of Phoenix and enrolled online in the bachelor’s program for business management. He has since earned his MBA from University of Phoenix, as well. Working online, underwater or on ground, in Hawaii or in Europe - wherever he happened to be called for duty - Doug was able to complete his degree and rise in the ranks to become a respected naval officer. The only regret he had throughout his career was the fact that, as a young military couple, he and his wife, Roya, were living on a modest military income, raising two children and undergoing frequent household moves, so the harsh reality was that only one of them could afford to pursue a college degree. Through the Paying It Forward Scholarship, Doug is now able to help his wife become the second college graduate in their family.

Fatemeh (Roya) Jenkins


Recipient - Honolulu, Hawaii

Fatemeh (Roya) Jenkins felt that her life was on hold for several years while she supported her husband’s military career. Although she had earned her associate’s degree years ago, she stopped attending college when demands of her husband’s naval duties called. She simply concentrated on running the household, handling frequent moves, raising their two children and helping out as a teacher’s aide and substitute teacher in her children’s schools wherever the family was stationed at the time. Receiving the Paying It Forward Scholarship will help Roya finish what she started years ago. She would like to earn her bachelor’s degree in health administration to advance her knowledge in an area which she is currently working and loves - assisting special-needs children. Roya looks forward to finally having the degree to match her lifelong passion for helping these children meet the challenges they face in life.

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