Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Evelyn McClain

Alumna - LaPorte, Texas

After being inspired by a University of Phoenix advisor who was encouraging and positive, Evelyn McClain took a leap into the world of online education and realized that it would benefit her in a great way as a working, busy professional. After earning a bachelor of science degree in education and working in the corporate training department of her institution, Evelyn wanted to find a way to become a trainer in the Human Resources department. In previous years she had applied for HR positions prior to earning her master’s degree from the University of Phoenix, but she was never able to break through. It wasn’t until after receiving her master’s degree, that she credits this accomplishment of the stars aligning, combined with her solid education, that she was selected as a top candidate for the training specialist position maintained today. Evelyn wishes to pay it forward to a fellow alumna, Zandra Henderson, because she feels there is no other who feels stronger about the value of education.

Zandra Henderson

Recipient - Pearland, Texas

Zandra Henderson strives for one thing: to be a good role model for her three children. She is the prime example of a great mother, student, and hard worker. Zandra’s ambition soars to great heights. She is a single mother who works full-time and proudly completed her associate’s degree in December of 2008. Ultimately, she has the dream to earn a doctorate degree and hasn’t yet felt any discouragement from going after what she wants. In fact, she didn’t qualify for financial aid when she was previously in school and never let that stop her one bit. Zandra has a passion for math and accounting and would eventually like to open her own CPA and accounting firm. She is not one to be stopped and has faced many hurdles in her life previously. About 10 years ago, Zandra was laid off yet she immediately sought and accepted another job at a much lower salary just to make ends meet. After working hard and earning a raise, she did not qualify for financial aid, but she managed to find a way to pay for school anyway. Determination best sums up Zandra and she will continue her education with the University of Phoenix’s support.

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