Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

James M. Missett

Alumnus - Oceanside, California

James Missett proves it’s never too late to pursue a college-level degree. In an effort to increase his knowledge of financing and budgeting, James enrolled at University of Phoenix and obtained a bachelor’s degree in business in his mid-50s. Prior to earning his degree in 1997, James was involved with the newspaper production business. Now he owns his own company that distributes military newspapers, and also works closely with the publishing company that prints them. James is proud to provide his daughter, Rachel, with the valuable legacy of a complete education. Even though his appreciation towards the value of a college education came late in life, he is delighted that his daughter will get the chance to reap the rewards of a higher education decades before he did.

Rachel Missett

Recipient - Oceanside, California

Coming from a not-so-wealthy family, Rachel Missett learned very early in life to be self-sufficient. At age 15, she worked weekends, holidays and mornings before school to contribute to her expenses. By the time Rachel graduated high school, a full semester early, she had developed a strong work ethic and was fully supporting herself by age 19. After high school, Rachel earned a certificate in computer network and application from Coleman College. At 19, Rachel had to put her college education on hold when she developed a painful medical condition that made it impossible for her to work full-time and attend night classes. By the time she recovered, Rachel had little time and no money to pursue a higher education. Through this scholarship, Rachel plans to earn her bachelor’s degree in accounting. This will enable her to advance in her career as an accounting assistant and help her attain her goal of becoming a CFO in the near future.

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