Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Jason Steve Bracey

Alumnus - Tucson, Arizona

Over 12 years ago Jason Steve Bracey heeded his inner voice and enlisted in the United States Air Force. He has proudly served his country in many locations around the globe. In order to advance in his career, he needed an educational schedule that would have the flexibility to balance the needs of his military relocations, his status as a full-time husband, and the responsibilities of being the father of three children. University of Phoenix, being fully accredited, affordable and an institution of higher learning particularly sensitive to the varied pressures of older students filled the bill for him to seek and obtain his undergraduate degree. He can now apply to Air Force Officer Candidate School and thereby increase the financial support for his family and is proud to nominate his wife, Lisa, for a scholarship.

Lisa Marle Bracey


Recipient - Tucson, Arizona

The United States needs more great teachers and one more is now on the way. A Paying It Forward scholarship is inspiring Lisa Bracey to rekindle her education that she chose to place on hold while she focused on her growing family’s needs. Drawing inspiration from her career ambition to become an accredited teacher, Lisa enjoys initiating fun learning activities with her three children. Currently a stay-at-home mom, she will take her child-raising experiences into the University of Phoenix classroom as a springboard to rounding out her set of communication and teaching skills. She is appreciative of her husband’s support in nominating her for this scholarship. Lisa is excited that her teaching degree, in a respected profession marketable in any community that they are relocated to by the military, will offer the family improved financial flexibility as her husband and nominator serves our country.

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