Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Joseph Ciaramitaro

Alumnus - Belmont, Massachusetts

It was Joseph Ciaramitaro’s first week of classes when he was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As base assignments changed, the one educational constant became his four years of on-line classes at University of Phoenix where he earned his Business Management degree in 2008. Joseph credits this college experience for his successful transition from the military to the corporate world. His degree coupled with his military background tipped the scales in his favor immediately upon his separation from service to his country. He accepted a property management position of commercial real estate near his original hometown of Boston. Joseph is honored to nominate his wife Joanne for a Paying It Forward scholarship in recognition of her personal and career sacrifices during his military career.

Joanne Ciaramitaro


Recipient - Belmont, Massachusetts

April 2009 is a special month for Joanne Ciaramitaro. It will mark the start of her higher education journey toward her desired future career. Joanne has worked as a hairdresser in many locations during the past 10 years and throughout her husband’s military career. In the hair stylist profession, regular residential relocation limits the ability to develop a large clientele. Instead of lamenting the moves, Joanne chose to record the best operational practices at the various salons she where she was employed. She now is anxious to gain the business acumen that University of Phoenix offered her husband. He could attend school on the GI Bill® but the family is not in the financial position to add any additional loan debt. This Paying It Forward scholarship lets her commence a degree program that holds the promise of establishing her own salon business.

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