Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Kathy B. Krejci

Alumna - Shingle Springs, California

When Kathy Krejci first embarked on her journey towards a higher education, she was a single parent on welfare. Luckily, she was able to receive financial assistance through various programs to help her obtain an associate’s degree in nursing at a community college and provide adequately for her family. Kathy secured a job at Marshall Medical Center in Placerville where she was quickly promoted to Director of Patient Care Services. Feeling inadequate to make recommendations/decisions on behalf of the organization as a director, Kathy enrolled in University of Phoenix and earned her master’s degree in business administration. Since completing her degree, Kathy has maintained her position as director and serves as a board member of a federally qualified health center among numerous other community organizations. Being able to relate to the stiff costs of tuition, Kathy is humbled to pay forward the opportunity to an esteemed work colleague who lacks the funds to attend college.

Kimberly J. Cramer


Recipient - Placerville, California

As an accountant for Marshall Medical Center in Placerville, Kimberly Cramer felt the need to gain advanced knowledge in her field to qualify for one of the senior accounting positions. Kimberly had already obtained an associate’s degree in accounting from Heald College with a 4.0 GPA but still had a fierce desire to continue her education. Reluctant to take out a hefty student loan because it might hinder her chances to qualify for a home or auto loan, Kimberly placed her dream of pursuing a bachelor’s degree on the back burner. Since Kimberly’s parents didn’t have the sufficient funds to put her through college, she wanted to prove to them more than ever that this minor setback would not stop her from getting a college education. This scholarship will provide Kimberly with the life-altering chance to earn a bachelor’s degree in business/accounting. It will also ensure Kimberly a stable career for the future and eligibility in higher accounting positions.

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