Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Linda Lockhart

Alumna - Opelika, Alabama

Linda Lockhart has always worked hard. After high school she enrolled at a traditional college campus and left after her freshman year when she was offered a job that paid well and had plenty of advancement opportunity. Linda learned year after year that in order to advance professionally she would need a degree. It took 20 years after she first started college, but Linda obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Post University. Once she finished her bachelors, Linda realized she wanted to continue her education. She received a Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix and is currently in the third year of her doctor of management program from University of Phoenix. Linda hopes to someday have the financial ability to offer her very own scholarship. Until that day, Linda is excited to pay her education experience forward to her sister.

Janet Jackson

Recipient - Opelika, Alabama

In 1984 Janet Jackson was a sophomore attending University of Maryland and studying mechanical engineering. More than 20 years later, Janet is ready to finish her college degree. As a very passionate caregiver, Janet has very little time for herself. She has always taken care of the people around her. Now, with a grown step-daughter in community college and a daughter in her sophomore year of high school on the honor roll, Janet realizes the young women in her life need a role model. Janet wants to be that role model. She is ready to hit the books and is thankful for the opportunity to finish what she started in 1984.

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