Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Lynda Woodard

Alumna - Wellington, Colorado

When her former employer was acquired by Carrier Corporation, a division of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Lynda Woodard was in the midst of going back to school after a 25-year hiatus. Fortunately, one of her employer’s benefits included a college degree to the university of choice, fully paid for with tuition and books and three hours of paid time for studying. With this option, an educational institution was needed that would allow Lynda to work full-time and provide flexibility to meet the rest of the responsibilities in her life. Lynda received her master’s degree in business administration in June 2006 from University of Phoenix. Soon after her accomplishment, she applied for a promotion within Carrier Corporation and was awarded the position partly based on her company’s accolades of being a University of Phoenix graduate and for her obvious determination of completing her degree while continuing to maintain a full-time job. It was her devotion and commitment that made Lynda stand out from the rest. After experiencing the value of receiving an education at University of Phoenix, Lynda proudly pays forward the chance to her sister.

Lanae Fritsch


Recipient - McCook, Nebraska

Lanae Fritsch is a proud mother of four children who understands and respects the value of higher education. In fact, three of her four children are currently in college due to her constant advocacy of education within her home. It has been a standing dream of Lanae's to coach and teach children throughout the years. While spending six years watching her sister obtain a University of Phoenix degree, she was fully supportive of Lynda and helped cheer her on each step of the way. Years ago, Lanae started college right after high school graduation, but quickly had to put her plans on hold as energy shifted toward the decision to raise her children on her own because she wanted a better life for not just herself, but for her kids. It’s times like now that Lanae has proven that she is ready to pursue an education and do something to better herself. She has always wanted to help young children, and now University of Phoenix will give her that desired chance.

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