Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Mary Page

Alumna - Terre Haute, Indiana

Mary Page initially chose University of Phoenix because as a single parent with a demanding management job, the University’s flexible learning environment was crucial to her being able to graduate. One of Mary’s most important goals was to follow in the footsteps of her father, who had a strong belief that education could change people’s lives, and spent many nights working hard to obtain a master’s degree of his own when Mary was growing up. She says that without the programs offered through University of Phoenix, she would never have been able to obtain her own master’s degree and make her father proud. Mary was determined to share the knowledge that was passed on to her about the overall educational experience to her brother-in-law, Jonathon Brewster.

Jonathon Brewster

Recipient - Clinton, Indiana

Jonathon Brewster has always worked extremely hard to support his family, but with the current economy, he has found himself in an uncompromising situation. His current employment at a government chemical treatment plant will come to an end within the year. Mary convinced Jonathon that working towards a bachelor’s degree would be a great way to improve his skills and prepare him for his next job. Aside from preparing him for the next level, Jonathon’s motivation for obtaining a degree at the University of Phoenix is clear. He has a strong will to provide for his family and make his family proud. Secondly, Jonathon would be the first person from his side of the family to attend college. Mary has continued to motivate Jonathon and he’s honored to receive the Paying It Forward scholarship through his sister-in-laws nomination.

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