Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Michele J. Banks

Alumna - Chandler, Arizona

A single working mother, Michele J. Banks is extremely grateful to those who first embraced the potential in her. She considers it a privilege to pay it forward to another deserving single parent, the daughter of a co-worker. Having earned her bachelors degree at University of Phoenix, she had gained the skills and self-confidence to become more marketable to employers. She continues to stretch her educational abilities by participating in a University of Phoenix master's degree program with the intent to then apply to law school. Michele credits the fact that her baccalaureate classes could dovetail with her already busy schedule that allowed her to also retain quality family time. She is justifiably proud of the whole new world of possibilities she has opened up for herself and her children.

Kathryn Holley


Recipient - Maricopa, Arizona

Kathryn Holley is adamant about consistently being a good role model to her children. A single mother, she realizes that her son and daughter will look to her for guidance and advice. That insight inspires her to become more financially stable and to ultimately fulfill her elusive dream of a full-time teaching position. For the past six years her entire paycheck has been expended for her family’s basic living expenses. While she knew that meant furthering her education, she never really knew how to approach it or where to find manageable financial assistance. She is a strong young woman that those around her know is smart, talented and has a natural gift for teaching children. Kathryn is no stranger to hard work, and it is that work ethic that will assure her educational success. Thanks to a Paying It Forward nomination by her mother’s co-worker, she will become the first person in her family to ever earn a college degree.

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