Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Miles Williams

Alumnus - Morgan Hill, California

As a senior applications engineer, Miles Williams wanted to tackle more responsibilities and gain recognition at the executive level. Miles decided to pursue an MBA in technology management at University of Phoenix while meeting his high work demands that included numerous worldwide travels. Given the University’s flexible schedule, Miles was able to travel all over Europe, Southeast Asia, and various parts of the United States and participate in class discussions at the same time. After graduating in 2002, Miles’ position as an engineer became more business-oriented than technical. He became a highly regarded member of his team at work, being able to confidently contribute to corporate strategy, customer retention, and acquisition meetings. Currently, Miles is in the process of developing a Management Consulting business for small to medium-sized businesses. After experiencing firsthand how a higher education enriched his life and gave him a deeper understanding of the many facets of business, Miles is proud to bestow the gift of knowledge to his wife Angie.

Angie Williams


Recipient - Morgan Hill, California

As a wife and stay-at-home mom raising four children, Angie Williams found it extremely tough to pursue a higher education given her chaotic schedule, let alone afford one while trying to provide for her family. Angie stays involved with her community by donating her time and support to her kids’ school. She helps out in the classroom with various school functions, school clubs, and fundraisers. Through this scholarship, Angie hopes to influence her children about the importance of an education and give them the motivation to achieve anything they put their mind to. Angie’s heart is set on earning a bachelor’s degree in health care administration. This degree will give her a competitive edge in her career field and a new-found confidence to possibly work toward a master’s degree.

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