Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Pamela Young Hobbs

Alumna - Maricopa, Arizona

Pamela Young Hobbs has a special appreciation for formal education. She was determined to earn her bachelor’s degree, but due to life’s circumstances, she patiently waited nearly three decades to return to the classroom and achieve this goal. Looking back, she says University of Phoenix was the perfect match for her. While she entered the program with valuable professional experience under her belt, she says University of Phoenix taught her how to think differently, strengthened her team-building and communication skills, and helped her see the immediate and practical application of every business theory she studied. Her long-term career goal is to become a hospital CEO. Pamela recognizes in David a similar drive to succeed and chose to nominate him for the Paying It Forward scholarship to help open doors of opportunity for him.

David Kirkland


Recipient - Chandler, Arizona

David Kirkland is an inspiring survivor who chooses to put others’ needs ahead of his own. He lost his father in a drunk-driving accident when he was two months old, so David has been a huge support to his mother, who is legally blind, and younger brother while growing up. After graduating from high school, he worked nights at a restaurant and attended community college. After winning the Paying It Forward scholarship, David transferred his credits to University of Phoenix and is pursuing a career in investment banking. Although David is financially independent and was living on his own, he has moved back home to help care for his mother and 12-year-old brother. His stepfather could not find construction work near home due to the current recession, so he had no choice but to accept a superintendent job in Texas to provide for his family.

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