Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Rebecca D. George

Alumna - Stanhope, New Jersey

In 2000, Rebecca D. George was dreaming of her future: she was happily married and ready to start a family. She had wanted to return to school, and her friends and family encouraged her to do so, but she thought the timing was off. How could she fit an education with in a full-time job and a growing family? A co-worker suggested she look at the online offerings at University of Phoenix, and after communicating with current students, Rebecca enrolled two weeks later. She graduated in 2006 with bachelor’s degrees in e-business and marketing, and was quickly promoted within her company. Not only did Rebecca earn her degrees and receive the promotion she wanted, she gained much more: the ability to share with her children the importance of education. Now Rebecca has the opportunity to practice Paying It Forward. The experiences and education she gained can be passed on to a co-worker and friend.

Marci L. Snyder


Recipient - Oxford, New Jersey

Marci L. Snyder has a full life; she is a mother to two small children, a doting wife, and a project manager for Alcatel-Lucent. When she started at Alcatel-Lucent 10 years ago, she was hired on in a temporary capacity. One of the first people she was introduced to was Rebecca, who was her “angel” and showed her the ropes at the new company. Marci proved herself and quickly rose through the ranks in the company. While she is well-respected by her colleagues, Marci found that, without a degree, she could climb no further, despite her experience. Thanks to this scholarship, Marci found that Rebecca is still her angel, and will be able to fulfill her dreams of obtaining a degree and opening doors that were once locked.

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