Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Scott Harrison

Alumnus - Shady Shores, Texas

As a father of six and a disabled Gulf War Veteran, Scott Harrison’s journey to complete his degree was certainly a long and difficult road, but also a tremendous accomplishment in the same breath. He attended classes at University of Phoenix while working two jobs to support his family, which demanded incredible sacrifices that were well worth it in the end. Scott was driven to excel and complete his MBA program and most importantly, he completed with a GPA of 3.9. He greatly attributes University of Phoenix for its practical style of learning and team-based environment that helped propel his career with thriving organization. Scott appreciated the teaching style of the University and its real-world application since it not only helped him understand his leaders when discussing business strategies, but it also instilled the confidence to participate and bring value to his workplace processes. Today Scott is just now one step closer to achieving his dream of become an executive leader for his company. Most importantly of all, completing his MBA has allowed him to illustrate to his children the importance of a college education which is why Scott is paying it forward to his step-daughter who he has proudly raised since the age of two.

Alora Kusko


Recipient - Shady Shores, Texas

Alora Kusko was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. She has always had the desire to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration because her goal is to one day begin her own massage therapy practice. She’s been drawn to massage therapy because it brings healing and comfort to people. Alora understands that it is not necessarily required to have a degree in order to begin a small business; however she recognizes the immense value in having the education to help understand the ins and outs of business operations. She has always been an outstanding student of high caliber morals and ethics and understands the importance of education. Throughout her life, Alora has experienced firsthand the struggles of balancing a family and school, based on watching her stepfather growing up. Today she is a proud mother of a two-year-old son who keeps her very active, along with a full-time job. The money that Alora earns is spent on daycare and basic needs for her and her child. Since University of Phoenix caters to working adults, she hopes she is fortunate enough to receive a scholarship opportunity that will positively impact not only her future, but the future for her son.

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