Paying it Forward - 2008 Profiles

Tara Cromp

Alumna - Sterling, Virginia

With a work schedule of 60 hours per week and the demands of family life, Tara Cromp was looking for a quality academic program that would provide the skills and knowledge she needed to move up within her finance company. She credits her University of Phoenix Bachelor of Finance degree for helping her do just that. She has proudly excelled from her initial role as an executive assistant to that of process and systems manager at National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (NRUCFC) in Herndon, Va. Tara wants that same opportunity for her son-in-law, Nathaniel, and knows a University of Phoenix degree will help him accomplish his career goals just as the degree helped her succeed.

Nathaniel Scott


Recipient - Ashburn, Virginia

Nathaniel Scott had dreams of going to college, but when marriage and supporting five young children became his first priority, he went into the workforce instead. He is proud of the fact that he has kept his family together, while working two jobs. When he was notified that his mother-in-law submitted his name for a Paying It Forward scholarship and he was selected for the honor, he said to himself, “Is this for real?” With a goal of obtaining his business management degree, Nathaniel would like to use his education to start his own business in professional organization, helping companies organize and streamline their company structure and systems. Nathaniel wants to earn his college degree so that his children can be proud of their father when they are old enough to understand the importance and value of education.

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