Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Belen Rodriguez

Alumni - Phoenix, Arizona
“I chose University of Phoenix for the quality education it provides and for the convenience and flexibility of the classes and campuses. University of Phoenix was the only university that allowed me to schedule classes on the day I needed and also allowed me to take online classes.” The proud alumni persevered through frequent scheduling challenges and graduated with an MBA in March 2010. “The MBA has given me an opportunity to continue to succeed in life and the opportunity of climbing the corporate ladder at any organization. I am a valuable asset that can add to the bottom line and understands why business decisions are made.” Belen would like to pay forward an undergraduate degree to Cornell so he can celebrate successes of his own.

Cornell Jefferson

Recipient - Mesa, Arizona
Belen has known Cornell for over 20 years. Cornell is a single father raising an 11 year old son and works hard to provide for his family. “He would like to obtain a better education so he can have the opportunity at a better job. This will lead to an increase in salary which will allow him to realize the American dream of owning a home to raise his son in,” explains Belen. Cornell has been caring for his son since he was born and thus put college on hold to fulfill his responsibilities. Yet, he has never given up his dreams. “By granting him this scholarship you are giving him a second chance to complete a program he has dreamed about for years. You are allowing him to create a future and an opportunity for a better life for him and his son.” Belen believes in Cornell because he’s motivated and this scholarship opportunity gives him the ability to graduate.

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