Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Betty J. Beatty


Alumni - Tucson, Arizona
When Betty graduated high school she promised her mother she would go to college. The Vietnam War and marriage changed that plan but she promised herself and mother she would someday earn her degree. Thirty-six years later, Betty made good on that promise. “Even though I was able to achieve a lot in my career without a degree, I had been stuck at the same grade level and type of position for 13 years when I started at University of Phoenix. It was a very good job but I was at a standstill and could not get promoted any further.” Nine months after completing her degree, she was promoted to the higher graded position, one of only two at her employer. “Going back to school and receiving a degree, especially later in life, takes courage and a good work ethic. My nominee is trying to accomplish that very thing,” explains Betty. She is paying forward her education to her son James.

James E. Werts


Recipient - Tucson, Arizona
James is driven by several motivating factors to complete his higher education. For one, he wants to advance in his career. But more importantly, he wants to better serve his community and be a role model for his two college-bound daughters. “He wants to show them that with hard work, they too will be able to accomplish their goals. James watched his mother complete her degree after many years and knows that he can also succeed.” James is very active in his community. He is a firefighter and when he is not working, he coaches both daughters’ softball teams. Four years ago, James created “Gutter for Gifts” an annual charity bowling tournament which supports local families in need. With a degree he can have an even bigger impact in the community. Through the Paying it Forward® scholarship, James will study public administration.

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