Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Brian Nolan

Alumni - Antioch, Illinois
When Brian was young he didn’t think he needed a college degree. He graduated high school and was accepted by a large university but didn’t take it seriously. He joined the Navy but once he left – he knew he needed that degree in hand. “After leaving the Navy, I knew that it was a mistake not to get my degree so I looked into returning to college only to be stopped by the cost of classes. That is when I was referred to University of Phoenix by a friend and the rest is history.” The five-week long classes fit perfectly with his schedule and he learned discipline and time management. When he finally received his degree, he started getting phone calls from recruiters. “Before I had my degree this never happened. I had the experience but not the degree,” he explains. Brian would like to pay forward his education to his wife Susan.

Susan Nolan

Recipient - Antioch, Illinois
When Susan was young she had to leave college in order to care for her two young daughters. “Working several jobs to put food on the table and a roof over their heads left little time for her and for the other important matters in life,” shares Brian. She had earned her associate’s degree but couldn’t manage to continue. Susan is very talented with art, specifically drawing. “When we first met I saw in her a passion for art that was undeniable and a love for creating works of art not many people can create. Sue also has a love for her family and a desire to provide the best life that she can for them. She knows that if she could go back to finish her schooling, she could do what she loves and provide for her family in a style that we are not accustomed.” The main obstacle that has stood in her way is financial. With the Paying it Forward® scholarship Susan and Brian can both provide for their family in the best way possible.

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