Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Cade Strate


Alumni - Salt Lake City, Utah
“Sometimes life can be very big and very hard. Sometimes our own life decisions can get in the way of formalized education, but none of our decisions should ever get in the way of learning. This is how my love of learning finally had the opportunity to fuse with a formal education.” Seven years ago Cade contracted a very rare illness called Guillain Barre Syndrome. He was classified as a quadriplegic but after 18-months of physical therapy he fully recovered and returned to the workforce. “After finding quality employment I realized that my opportunity had finally arrived. University of Phoenix was the right program at the right time.” Since graduating Cade has advanced to a financial management role in the federal programs division of his employer. Cade would like to pay forward this opportunity to his sister Heidi.

Heidi Evans


Recipient - Salt Lake City, Utah
When Cade needed her the most, Heidi was there. It was hard for Cade to accept care from his sister when he got ill. He felt it was his responsibility to protect her, not the other way around. Shortly after Cade recovered they faced a family tragedy that affected Heidi directly, but she persevered. “Heidi pushed through this tragedy and found sunshine behind the grey clouds,” says Cade. “Heidi finds motivation in bettering herself and helping others. Earning her degree will provide her with the ability for increased career advancement.” Cade explains that like many great people, Heidi loves to help others before herself. With the Paying it Forward® scholarship, Heidi can now put herself first and work on her dreams.

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