Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Denise Eastman

Alumni - Van Nuys, California
Denise is a life-long learner. She has completed her master’s degree through University of Phoenix and is now pursuing her doctoral degree in the School of Advanced Studies. Online learning is a good fit for her because she works and has been diagnosed with an incurable autoimmune disease that left her bedridden for five months. Despite this setback, she completed her Year Three Residency and was nominated by the School of Advanced Studies Education Leadership team to represent the University in the Icon Campaign. “I have the highest regards for the quality of education I have received through University of Phoenix and have already experienced doors opening for me based upon my academic accomplishments. I am honored that I have the opportunity to bring the same gift of a quality higher education to a deserving friend.” Denise is paying forward her education to Jarret.

Jarret Myers

Recipient - Cathedral City, California
Like Denise, Jarret loves to learn. Jarret and Denise have been friends for over 12 years and he’s always offered Denise encouragement and support throughout her educational journey. “As an educator, I have learned to observe people to understand their motivation. In observing Jarret, I have found that his curiosity drives him in a different manner than most individuals. Jarret self educates. He is constantly reading and researching to understand new topics of interest. He is capable of high-level thinking and actively engages in conversation and activities that provide opportunities for his educational growth,” shares Denise. Jarret’s opportunities for a strong educational experience have been limited due to circumstances beyond his control. At the age of five, Jarret was placed into the foster care system which wasn’t able to provide the education guidance he needed. Now Jarret wants to earn an information technology degree. “Jarret is excited at the prospect of attending University of Phoenix, where he will have opportunities to apply higher level thinking skills, question, debate, and learn with other students who have real world experience in the technology field.”

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