Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Edward Joseph Valle


Alumni - Ontario, California
Attending University of Phoenix was an easy choice for Edward. “I chose University of Phoenix because of the legacy of students that have completed degrees before me,” he explains. “I had worked with University of Phoenix graduates throughout my career and I was always impressed with the caliber of their skills. I was confident the flexible scheduling and accelerated curriculum would give me every opportunity to be successful in achieving my life long dream. I also recognized night classes would allow me to continue fulfilling my responsibilities as a father of four boys and a husband to my high school sweetheart.” With both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in hand, Edward has been able to propel his professional life forward. He would like to pay forward his education to his wife Veronica.

Veronica Valle


Recipient - Ontario, California
Veronica stood by Edward while he completed his education and he’d like to do the same for her. Together they are raising four boys and Veronica put her professional advancement on hold while Edward finished his degrees. She has long-term aspirations to move forward in her career but she’s stuck without a bachelor’s degree. “A degree from University of Phoenix will surely position her as a top candidate for future opportunities and arm her with the managerial ideology to lead her team with integrity and vision,” explains Edward. Veronica will be the first in her family to earn a degree and they both hope to set a good example for their children. “Sacrifice is the main reason Veronica has been unable to complete her college degree. She has continued to put herself behind everything that I have looked to achieve both personally and professionally.” With the Paying it Forward® scholarship, Edward and Veronica can proudly hang their diplomas together.

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