Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles


Alumni - Bachelor of Science in Business/Management
Eric chose University of Phoenix because it made sense to him as a parent. “I have three children and a full-time job. Like many other Americans, I had a few college credits from time spent in various junior colleges after high school. Attempting to return to that environment would have been pointless; whatever classes did happen to be available were offered during my work hours and quitting work to attend school is not an option for a parent. Choosing University of Phoenix just made sense.” During the first year of his program he was promoted to a supervisory position at work. He knows his employer’s decision to promote him was based in no small part on Eric earning his degree. He is now in his second year of law school and will be sitting for the California Bar Exam. Eric would like to pay forward his education to his coworker Susan.

Susan Ann Murphy

Recipient - Quartz Hill, California
Susan is a manager for the Safety and Training Department of a school bus agency. Susan is responsible for the safe transportation of thousands of students on a daily basis. She trained Eric how to be a school bus driver and he quickly learned of her teaching abilities and capacity for patience. “She told me that she had wanted to be a teacher but had deferred her educational goals in favor of having a family. Now at 52 years old, her four children are grown and she finds herself in the aftermath of a life spent serving the needs of her loved ones,” explains Eric. With the Paying it Forward® scholarship Susan will earn her business administration degree and open doors to even greater professional opportunities within her industry.

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