Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Gabriel Gasporra

Alumni - FPO, AE
In 2004 Gabriel and his family moved to Italy. He was in the final years of his military career and ready to start his bachelor’s degree program. Gabriel assumed he’d attend college in California put plans quickly changed with his assignment. “Attending classes online and in an eight hour time zone difference was difficult, but it was also accommodating. I was able to spend time with my family, do my job, and tour Europe; all while posting my daily requirements and submitting assignments and taking tests on time.” Gabriel is thankful he received a scholarship from the U.S. Navy to complete his Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree. He has since moved forward in his professional life and credits University of Phoenix for being his stepping stone to success. Gabriel would like to pay forward his education to his naval colleague, Adam.

Adam Dickson

Recipient - FPO, AE
Gabriel met Adam three years ago and they quickly became close. In fact, Gabriel has welcomed Adam’s family as part of his own. “Adam is an excellent candidate to win this scholarship. He has continuously set the example of setting goals and achieving them personally and professionally,” says Gabriel. Adam has been in the Navy for eight years and has received numerous accolades for his performance of duty, including a warfare pin. Now Adam has his sights set on earning a degree. He has five classes under his belt but financially cannot afford to continue with his program. Adam has one son and a baby on the way so he is looking for the best fit for his family. Enrolling in online classes will ensure Adam can grow professionally to provide for his family, and also ensure he can balance life, work and school. He will be studying criminal justice and history.

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