Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Jasmine Leonard

Alumni - Indianapolis, Indiana
Jasmine is a Paying it Forward® scholarship recipient herself. After high school she joined the United States Air Force and she was given the opportunity to complete her undergraduate degree. However, she put her path to graduation on hold to start a family. She wanted so badly to return to school and was about to give up hope when she received the gift of a lifetime. “One evening when I had given up hope of ever achieving my educational goals, I received an amazing gift from my aunt. She wanted to nominate me for the Paying it Forward® scholarship from University of Phoenix. I was in utter awe at the educational roller coaster I had been riding never knowing if the ride would ever end. But, the roller coaster finally ended at the doors of University of Phoenix.” Jasmine now has her criminal justice degree and wishes to pay forward her education to someone else facing similar obstacles.

Cindy Wineinger

Recipient - Indianapolis, Indiana
Jasmine nominated her husband’s ex-wife Cindy for the Paying it Forward® scholarship. Cindy has spent years taking care of others. “She spends her days caring for other people's children in her in-home daycare. She spends her nights caring for her own children. She spends her weekends caring for the youth in her church. Nearly all of Cindy's time has been dedicated to others,” says Jasmine. Now Cindy desires to open her nurturing arms in the health industry. Her children are grown and she has the opportunity to satisfy one of her long term goals to become a healthcare administrator. Unfortunately like many working parents, the financial resources to complete this goal are out reach. Thanks to the Paying it Forward® scholarship she can now spend time on herself.

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