Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Jeffrey Hall

Alumni - Olive Branch, Mississippi
In 2001, Jeffrey made the fortuitous decision to transfer to a University of Phoenix online program from an on-ground campus. He was in the Army and in response to September 11, 2001 he was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq until 2004. “The University of Phoenix’s online program was the only reason I was able to complete my degree prior to exiting the military. Once on terminal leave, my brand-new bachelor’s degree caused my email inbox to absolutely overflow with interview offers from all over the country.” Upon graduation Jeffrey worked for the largest telecommunications company in the country. He now owns his own business. “The business courses included in my degree program taught me to build this new business with very little overhead and a strong business skills foundation.” He would like to pay forward his education to his deserving daughter Alexandra.

Alexandra Hall


Recipient - Olive Branch, Mississippi
Alexandra just graduated high school a semester ahead of schedule. She accelerated her studies and she has an entrepreneurial spirit just like her father. “She’s seen the success I’ve had with my bachelor’s degree and is excited to follow in my footsteps as a Phoenix!” Recently, Alexandra started creating and selling designer tie dyed t-shirts and has even negotiated an agreement with a local restaurant to become one of their primary suppliers. She also has been a community volunteer since the age of seven. Alexandra spent two summers volunteering at a camp for severe and profoundly disabled children. She also volunteers in her church nursery, soup kitchens and nursing homes. Alexandra will be earning her degree in multimedia and visual communications because she wants to become more involved in the family business and give back even more to her local community.

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