Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Jeremy Eskelsen

Alumni - Eagle Mountain, Utah
At the age of 22, Jeremy made a life-saving decision. He had struggled with drug addiction from age 16 – 22 when his mortality decided to stare him in the face. Jeremy knew he had to make a change so he checked himself into a treatment center. “I spent 13 months inpatient trying to get my life back. I realized with my history, I would probably be working general labor jobs for the rest of my life, until I found University of Phoenix. I really wanted to be a substance abuse counselor and help people who were living the same life I had just awakened from.” He and his advisor discussed his dreams, goals and accomplishments and soon Jeremy enrolled in class. His instructors were supportive and loved the perspective Jeremy brought to the classroom. In 2005 he graduated with honors and in 2008 completed his MBA. Jeremy is paying forward his education to his husband Michael.

Michael Hargreaves

Recipient - Eagle Mountain, Utah
Michael discovered a love for music when he was four years old. He listened to his sister playing the piano and decided to climb up on the bench and try it himself. He picked it up instantly and his musical future was ahead of him. He joined the Madrigal choir in high school and went to college on a full-tuition vocal scholarship. A month into his first semester, he learned that his mother had become very ill. His family was struggling, so he moved back home to help take care of her. When Michael was 20, his mother passed away at 47 years old of an incurable congenital heart condition. “He worked and helped with bills but always felt he had really missed out by not being able to finish school,” explains Jeremy. Michael would like to earn his degree in criminal justice and catch Internet predators. “Michael is amazing and I am so lucky to have him in my life. I can think of few causes worthier than protecting children. I know University of Phoenix would be proud to count him among their ranks. He makes me proud every day. I know that he will do the same for the University that helped me find my life."

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