Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Julieta Rosado

Alumni - Chicago, Illinois
Julieta had been working in the travel industry for almost 10 years when she decided to return to school. Her passion was accounting and she needed to find a degree program with flexibility. “Going to school while maintaining a job and taking care of a family consisting of three young children was out of the question. I found University of Phoenix while searching for different options on attending college.” Today Julieta owns her own bookkeeping business. She was able to expand on the skills she learned in class to succeed in her professional and personal life. Julieta would like to pay forward her education to her sister Maria. “Receiving the Paying it Forward® scholarship will allow my sister to complete her degree and will bring more educational opportunities to the rest of the family,” shares Julieta.

Maria G. Pantoja

Recipient - Niles, Illinois
“My nominee is my sister, Maria. Maria is a perfect candidate to receive a Paying it Forward® scholarship because she is a hard working individual with high aspirations for personal and professional growth.” Julieta and Maria grew up in a large family. Their parents had limited education so they grew up with limited guidance concerning continuing education. “If Maria is accepted to receive a Paying it Forward® scholarship it will help motivate the rest of our family and allow her to be a role model to her daughters,” Julieta explains. Maria has the dream of becoming an accountant but her main motivation for returning to school is her children. She wants to show her daughters that an education is possible if you are persistent no matter what struggles life brings. Maria currently raises her two young daughters as a single mom. With the scholarship she can continue her education without putting an undue financial burden on her daughters.

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