Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Kate Edwards

Alumni - Maiden, North Carolina
University of Phoenix has helped Kate achieve her personal and professional goals. Her degree led to a promotion from part-time medical assistant to practice administrator. She has also opened her own consulting business and is pursuing her MBA at University of Phoenix. “University of Phoenix has helped me reflect on my personal strengths and weaknesses. This honest assessment of myself has allowed me to make changes to increase my overall happiness.” Kate wants to pay forward her education to her colleague Anna. “This scholarship would help me to ‘pay it forward’ to a well deserving woman who, in turn, would affect many more people and as a nurse increase the well-being of our community and save lives.”

Anna M. Bates


Recipient - Cherryville, North Carolina
Kate first met Anna during her externship as a medical assisting student. As the office’s only RN, Anna was responsible for overseeing Kate’s externship. Anna encouraged Kate throughout her educational journey and often expressed her own desire to complete her BSN and possibly her master’s to better serve her patients. “Saying Anna is a valuable employee in her practice is an understatement. Over the years Anna has served as a nurse; head nurse; trainer; staff, patient and public educator; aesthetician; laser tech; safety officer and marketer,” shares Kate. She is also a volunteer soccer coach and helps with free health fairs and cancer screenings. Unfortunately, she has also faced some hardships. Three years ago Anna’s house burned down and she has been the sole income earner while her husband rebuilds their home. “Through all of Anna’s struggles she has stayed positive and never complained being an inspiration to all of those around her in her calm, unselfish way. If anyone deserves a pay it forward scholarship its Anna Bates. Making a new life out of the ashes, Anna is the epitome of a phoenix,” says Kate.

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