Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Mary Allbright

Alumni - Alma, Arkansas
When Mary was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease she had to start thinking about plan b. She was a nurse but unable to work so she decided to go back to school in case she’d never be able to be a nurse again. “I have always loved to learn and that was my major motivator to return to school because I did not want to become stagnant. After months of researching, I decided that University of Phoenix met my needs and had the degree program that most interested me for a potential future career.” After she graduated in 2005 with a degree in health administration she opened her own consulting business that caters to the health care industry. Mary has also earned her master’s degree and is working on her doctorate. She would like to pay forward her education to her daughter Tina.

Tina Thompson

Recipient - Alma, Arkansas
Like many of our students, Tina is a busy parent working full time to provide for her family. She is a young mom and has been raising her three children as a single parent. Back when she was 16 she started college but the stresses of full-time parenthood and work pushed her college dreams to the wayside. “Tina loved college but the responsibilities of a home, full-time job and a child made it impossible for her to continue with her education at that stage in her life.” She now works as a nurse but has always dreamed of getting her criminal justice degree. Recently Tina met a wonderful man and they plan to marry. She now has the support of a spouse to complete her degree and finally go for her dream.

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