Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Sara E. Rose

Alumni - Hudson, Wisconsin
A few years ago, someone recognized Sara’s potential. She was approached by a senior nurse and asked if she’d consider being the next Nurse Manager. The position required a master’s degree and Sara only had an associate’s. “I not only agreed to accept a full-time management position, but made a commitment to further my education. The decisions I made that year changed the trajectory of my nursing career and my life. I chose University of Phoenix for their outstanding reputation and accredited nursing degree programs. I needed the flexibility of an online environment to perform full-time at work and to care for my family.” Today Sara holds a master’s degree and has aspirations to be the Chief Nurse in the future. When she learned about the Paying it Forward® scholarship, she knew it was her chance to pay forward the support she was given.

Kelly J. Sather

Recipient - Hammond, Wisconsin
Sara first met Kelly when she was a nursing student. Kelly was a stand-out among the students with her inner strength and desire to grow into a competent, professional nurse. “Her peers easily recognized her as an informal leader. Kelly grew in clinical wisdom. Her critical thinking skills enabled her to become an expert nurse on the general Medical-Surgical floor as well as in the Emergency Department. She earned a position as a Clinical Resource Nurse in our organization in 2007,” shares Sara. Kelly has since become Chair of the Emergency Management Committee and she sits on the Wisconsin expert panel that develops nursing documentation standards in disaster situations. Kelly has the heart and enthusiasm of a leader, but she does not have the degree. The Paying it Forward® scholarship will ensure Kelly can achieve her fullest potential.

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