Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Sharon Hackett

Alumni - Centreville, Virginia
Sharon chose University of Phoenix for its reputation, online learning option and graduation team. “I was impressed with the enrollment advisor’s knowledge of the program curricula and financial aid. The academic advisor also gave the same level of service. He kept in touch with me throughout my program. I felt that he cared about my progress, which contributed to my ability to complete my program with honors,” explains Sharon. Her experience at the University has helped her achieve many personal and professional goals. “Learning new competencies is important to my personal growth and development. I have achieved these competencies through my bachelor’s degree program. I have gained more knowledge and confidence to overcome challenges in my personal life and have tackled new projects in my professional career.” Sharon is paying forward her positive experience to her daughter Natalie.

Natalie Brooke

Recipient - Buford, Georgia
Natalie is Sharon’s oldest daughter. She is a natural leader and currently holds a marketing position that requires her to travel and still coordinate her family life successfully while away. “She is an inspiration to me and I look to her for positive feedback on many of my endeavors. I am very proud of her success as a wife, mother, daughter and worker,” says Sharon. Natalie is a perfect recipient of the Paying it Forward® scholarship because when she commits to something she ensures that the task is completed. The online format will serve Natalie well as she balances school, work, church and family. “She would be totally committed to completing the program and so honored to have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree. With Natalie’s drive, ambition and commitment she deserves the opportunity to further her education through a scholarship; otherwise, she would not be able to afford it on her own.” Natalie will be pursuing her business degree with a concentration in marketing.

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