Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Thomas Higgins

Alumni - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Thomas Higgins earned his MBA with a concentration in Information Technology from University of Phoenix. When he began his program he was a member of the Air National Guard so he needed the flexibility of an online degree program to follow him wherever he was deployed. Since he’s graduated, he has the new goal of earning his doctoral degree and becoming a college instructor. Thomas wants to pay forward his education to Christine Mack because he believes she is up for the challenge. “She has the tenacity and will to complete the degree program. You can see it in the way she is focused on the goal of starting her bachelor’s degree. You can see it in the way she approaches her job. And most of all, you can see it in the way she provides for her family."

Christine Mack


Recipient - Killeen, Texas
Christine believes in the value of education. She and Thomas are coworkers and they’ve spoken frequently about the benefits of completing a bachelor’s degree program. “It opens doors and provides proof of knowledge, of course, but it also says something about the individual who obtains the education. It says that this person will not quit in the face of difficulty. It says this person can manage their time and resources to accomplish a task within the given deadline.” Unfortunately for Christine, she has faced financial challenges that have put her dream on hold. “She does have an associate’s degree, which shows her intention to gain an education, but the bachelor’s degree has remained financially out of reach. Getting this scholarship provides an avenue for her to get the degree sooner and to utilize its potential more fully,” says Thomas.

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