Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Veronica Hernandez


Alumni - Ontario, California
Veronica started dreaming about college in the early years of high school. She graduated at 16 as a young mom and entered the business environment in marketing, sales and real estate. In 2000, she began working for an aerospace company who offered tuition reimbursement. “I did not have anymore excuses and I made the decision to attend University of Phoenix. While working in the aerospace environment I had co-workers who enjoyed attending University of Phoenix and I was encouraged by their testimonies and accomplishments.” Once she earned her degree, the professional opportunities started appearing at her fingertips. “The decision to obtain a bachelor’s degree created opportunities beyond my imagination,” says Veronica. Veronica would like to pay forward her education to Yazmin.

Yazmin Baltazar


Recipient - Pomona, California
Veronica met Yazmin when Yazmin was 17-years old. Yazmin was failing her high school courses and feeling lost in life. Veronica happened to be volunteering at an after-school tutoring program for at-risk youth when Yazmin walked through the doors. They shared life experiences and soon Yazmin started to see her future with a different perspective. “She was guided to a life of joy, peace, and love that she longed for many times but couldn’t find in the dark and secluded world she lived in. Years passed and now Yazmin is 25-years old and views her life differently with a desire to be a mentor to others.” Yazmin is motivated to complete her degree. She watched Veronica graduate and now she’s ready to wear that cap and gown herself.

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