Paying it Forward - 2010 Profiles

Wendy Reeve


Alumni - Julian, Calfornia
Wendy started in the gaming industry in 1983. “For many years the channel for career advancement was awarded by time on the floor, longevity and seniority. In 2003, during a transition time at work, I realized that younger, degree-educated individuals were securing high-paying, senior management positions. This was the lightning bolt that changed my career philosophy and my life; thus, I began my seven-year journey with University of Phoenix.” In October 2007 Wendy graduated with her undergraduate degree. She studied with outstanding faculty and made life-long friends in her program. In 2009, she started to think again about returning to school. She looked at other universities but ultimately decided a master’s degree through University of Phoenix was the best program for her. “The format is exceptional for working adults. The faculty is worldly and experienced in their fields. Students can extend their minds as far as they want to: nothing holds them back.” Wendy would like to pay forward her education to her colleague Mary.

Mary Meier


Recipient - El Cajon, California
“I have worked with Mary for the last nine years. She is a highly respected team member and proven leader,” explains Wendy. Mary was a nominee for the 2010 San Diego Business Journal’s “Women Who Mean Business” award, and was nominated by several of her co-workers and subordinates. “Mary is a highly motivated, process-oriented individual often recommended to attend conferences and conventions because everything she learns will be brought back and shared for everyone’s betterment and benefit,” adds Wendy. Mary is at the perfect time in her personal and career journey to embark on an undergraduate program. As a single parent of a 12-year-old, Mary truly believes that continuing her education will not only benefit her personal career objectives and her team members, but will create an enhanced learning environment for her son, helping them both become lifelong learners. Thanks to the Paying it Forward® scholarship, Mary will be earning her business management degree.

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