Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Aisha M.


As a University of Phoenix student, Aisha puts her coursework into action. She used to travel around the country teaching teachers face to face, but she felt if she could learn online, so could they. She used one of her classes to design an online training program, which included interactive assessments with immediate feedback. Her program was approved by her state education director. As educational budgets dwindle, Aisha continues to win contracts as a result of her high-quality products. University of Phoenix helped Aisha boost her confidence and earn her credentials. She wants the same for her stepdaughter, Rachael.

Rachael P.


As a firefighter, Rachael holds her own with men twice her size. At only 125 lb., she wears the same bright yellow gear the men do. She can drive a big red truck, haul fire hoses and administer medical services quickly and accurately. What she is lacking is a bachelor’s degree. As a single mother, Rachael’s professional choices are limited. She knows she will not be able to continue the rigorous physical requirements of the fire department forever, but she wants to stay in the field of emergency treatment of acute illness and injury. She would like to be a trainer. Because University of Phoenix provides practitioner faculty, she knows she will learn from top industry professionals with the most current thinking. She is grateful to Aisha M. for providing the opportunity to achieve her dream of a college education.

Alumni Nominator and Recipient Profiles

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