Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Camilla P.


When we recognize that achievements occur because people believe in us, we become better. Many believed that Camilla could succeed in her educational journey at University of Phoenix. On the job, she earned the respect of her peers and has been able to create systems change to positively affect her workplace. Her degree gave her the confidence to advocate for curriculum changes at her local college.  She completed her master’s degree in Nursing and is currently in her doctoral program.  Because she believes in Kimberly, Camilla nominated Kimberly for the Paying it Forward® Scholarship to acknowledge Kimberly’s dedication to the nursing profession.

Kimberly C.


Furthering her education has been Kimberly’s goal for many years. Kimberly is accomplished and well respected by her peers because of her integrity. She has held several leadership positions within her field but, equipped with only an associate degree, this mother of four has even more to achieve. In addition to being a single parent, Kimberly cares for her parents in her home. Earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will allow her to move in directions that have eluded her in the past.  The structure of University of Phoenix provides this busy mother with the flexibility she needs to do it all.

Alumni Nominator and Recipient Profiles

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