Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Candi R.


Completing her degree in Information Technology was a long time coming for Candi, mother of two.  She married at a young age and focused on being a wife and mother. However, she promised her father she would complete her degree, and she did. Today, her life is dramatically different. She is a senior manager for a large aerospace organization and leads a team of engineers working on satellite systems. In addition, she is enrolled in her doctoral program. As a proud alum, she wanted to provide the same life-changing experience for Matthew.

Mathew F.


As a single father of three children, Matthew worked day and night to support his family and keep up with the demands as a project manager in the ironworking industry. Even though he had his associate degree, he lost his job when the economy changed. He is eager to earn his bachelor’s degree in Business to get back into the ranks of the employed and to provide for his family. He wants to be competitive in this economic climate and set an example for his family.

Alumni Nominator and Recipient Profiles

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