Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Doriane L.


Doriane says she is a living testament of what University of Phoenix can provide. While raising three children, working and studying, Doriane earned her bachelor’s degree. “Becoming a Phoenix has allowed me to have a sense of pride and accomplishment,” shares Doriane. Prior to attending University of Phoenix, Doriane had completed three years of college and served in the U.S. Navy. She was successful in her career endeavors, but one road block stood in her way: a degree. Now that she has her bachelor’s, Doriane is equipped to set herself apart from other employees. She wants to pay forward her degree to Jason Lewis, her husband. “Even with life’s ups and downs and responsibilities, Jason has always been successful at whatever he pursued. Unfortunately, without a degree, Jason is limited,” explains Doriane. She is proud and excited to support her husband while he completes that long-awaited degree.

Jason L.

Recipient – New Orleans, LA

Jason has had a successful career in the U.S. Navy and in sales. He has received years of recognition and feedback, reflected in his willingness to learn and in his self-confidence. “While enlisted in the U.S. Navy, I earned a Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal and received numerous Letters of Commendation. I experienced accelerated advancement in each of my career fields,” shares Jason. Yet despite his accolades, he knows he’s heading toward a plateau unless he finishes his degree. His family is growing, and now is the time to change his trajectory. “A degree from University of Phoenix will add structured concepts to my already learned experiences and will polish my business acumen,” he says. While career advancement is a motivating factor for Jason’s degree, so is being an example. He wants to show other young men that they can reach their goals too. “Young men need an example of men who overcame hurdles to arrive at the finish line. I can be that example.”

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