Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Gillian P.


The skills obtained through Gillian’s doctoral degree at University of Phoenix helped her lead the Language Arts department at her school to impact positive changes. Knowledge and confidence are two key elements she gained through her doctoral journey. By nominating her husband, Mark, Gillian wants to share these two gifts with him to help him impact the lives of the students he mentors.

Mark P.

Recipient – Douglasville, GA

Working as an in-school suspension paraprofessional has been an eye-opening experience for Mark.  When he accepted this challenge, he did not realize it would ignite a passion in him for children and psychology. Armed with minimal education, he took a fledgling program and developed it into a defined and documented process that met the needs of students, staff, faculty and administrators. Mark knows a degree in Psychology will help him better understand and facilitate his students. His insatiable thirst for knowledge and his passion for students’ success will be further spurred by the opportunity to continue his education through the Paying it Forward® Scholarship.

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