Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Judith B.


The Master in Education program at University of Phoenix helped Judith become the professional she is today. She teaches her book, “Stress-free Discipline,” at the university level and runs educational outreach and mentoring projects in partnership with charitable organizations. Judith nominated her lifetime mentee, Charles, for the Paying it Forward® Scholarship. Despite losing his home, job and corporate earning capacity for standing up as a whistle-blower against his employer, “Charles remains highly motivated, not only as a lifelong learner but as an American dedicated to his values,” Judith says.

Charles J.

Recipient – Chula Vista, CA

Charles has 14 years of experience in computer use, training and development and has even won awards for his cybersecurity efforts. Despite his talents, experience and status as a cybercrime expert, Charles’s role as a whistle-blower left him unemployed and put him in fierce competition with others struggling to find work. Today, he is the chairman of CASTCorp International’s Cyber Security Advisory Committee and has authored dozens of articles for SC Magazine for IT security professionals. Charles has decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Systems Security and Criminal Justice Administration and hopes to transfer to the professional realm of law enforcement. He maintains a positive outlook and resolves never to quit.

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