Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Kenneth Q.


Kenneth has made “paying it forward” a standard part of his day. As the postmaster for his community, service is part of his job. “Postmasters have always found themselves in the limelight when it comes to their communities. I volunteer at the local high school to tutor children with bad grades. I have found that I get a more positive response than most because I am the postmaster,” he says. Kenneth earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Management from University of Phoenix. He credits the University with giving him the tools, knowledge and experience he needs to succeed in his career. “Without the educational experience that University of Phoenix has provided, I could not touch the lives of children. The experiences that I have gained are rich with education and much more,” he adds. Kenneth is paying forward his education to Danielle Law, a fellow postmaster. “She constantly wants and strives to better herself, her office and the community she lives in,” he says.

Danielle L.

Recipient- Wendeel, ID

One of Danielle’s goals is to represent the University of Phoenix with pride and honor. She always tries to take the high road and lives to pay it forward to others. “Morals, honesty, integrity, loyalty, ethics and an overall strong character are very important for me and the people I surround myself with,” she says. Danielle has worked for the postal service for 16 years and helps in her community beyond her regular work hours. Danielle says: “It is very important for me to help others by participating in food drives, Christmas stockings for underprivileged children, helping the elderly and school fundraisers.” Through the Paying it Forward® Scholarship, Danielle wants to earn her bachelor’s degree in Business so she can see continued success in her career.

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