Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Kimberly R.


Kimberly is a clinical nursing instructor, a position that allows her to make a difference in a career she loves. Earning her degree from University of Phoenix reignited her passion for educating others. Kimberly realizes how valuable her degree was in her career progression, because it changed her into a more professional nurse. She continues to be a driving force in improving patient care, patient safety and overall nursing practice. Kimberly nominated her husband for the Paying it Forward® Scholarship because of his hard work and dedication to his chosen field, respiratory therapy.

Rick R.

Recipient – Thousand Oaks, CA

After 14 years of dedication and hard work as a respiratory therapist, it is time for Rick to take his career to the next level to achieve his goal of becoming a director. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration with a concentration in Health Management online will allow him to continue to work full time and care for his young family. His goal is to focus on current changes in the hospital system and to apply that knowledge to current curriculum used on the job. As a Paying it Forward Scholarship recipient, Rick will be able to continue in the field in which he has been recognized for his compassionate care and overall excellence in customer service.

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