Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Laquita B.


Laquita’s educational journey was challenging but rewarding. She gained knowledge and confidence to become an effective manager in a newly created department and reports directly to the chief operating officer. The diverse makeup of her learning team helped her adapt to different situations and to be successful. Her biggest supporter throughout her educational journey was her husband, Vaughn. Laquita wanted to return the support and encouragement by nominating him for the Paying it Forward® Scholarship.

Vaughn B.

Recipient – Pembroke, Bermuda

As an unpaid youth director, Vaughn is making a difference with hundreds of young people in his community. To stem the rise in violence and murders committed by young people, Vaughn is out in the community as a role model. He is available for pre-teens and teens who need to talk. In addition to Vaughn’s sincere caring and compassionate spirit, a degree in psychology will give him the tools he needs to make a difference. The Paying it Forward Scholarship will allow Vaughn to learn from professionals in his field to make a difference in his community.

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