Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Lynn H.


At 63, Lynn accomplished a lifelong dream to complete her Bachelor of Science in Management from University of Phoenix. Lynn learned about the Paying it Forward® Scholarship program soon after having a casual conversation about her University of Phoenix experience with a woman at her local nail salon. Lynn, inspired by fate, contacted the woman, Pam, about her husband, whom Pam had mentioned was at a turning point in his life. After hearing how Anthony lived every day “supporting the dreams and ambitions of others,” Lynn knew she wanted to help a man who never stops thinking of others to make a powerful commitment to himself.

Anthony K.


As a father, volunteer, fundraiser, coach and more, Anthony lives and breathes the concept of “paying it forward.” Anthony has a long history of serving his community, and he supports and encourages his two children to excel in their education. With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Anthony hopes to supplement his extensive resume and gain a competitive edge in the job market. He will continue to employ his talents and abilities to serve others in his personal and professional lives.

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