Paying it Forward - 2011 Profiles

Marcia P.


Marcia has nominated her friend Karen for the Paying it Forward® Scholarship. Karen helped Marcia through a difficult time in her life, and Marcia knows firsthand what a kind spirit Karen has. As Marcia navigated the unfamiliar territory of completing her degree while working full time, Karen stayed by her side. Marcia earned her master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and currently works with special needs youth. “I would like to pay forward a scholarship to my nominee because I appreciate the hard work and financial struggle it took for me to reach my educational and career goals. Higher education is not an endeavor to take lightly, but an opportunity to grow and develop, to work toward achievements that can be used to help others in our communities.” Marcia is confident that Karen is ready to finish her bachelor’s degree and make the most of the opportunity.

Karen W.

Recipient – Alpharetta, GA

Karen’s deepest desire in life is to help others. She has been married 21 years and dedicated her life to being a mom. “I have raised two incredible young men, and I feel so proud of that accomplishment. I’m so proud of whom they have become, and I can only hope I had something to do with that,” shares Karen. Over the years, she thought about completing her degree but wanted to make sure she completed her job with her children. “I realized I will never be done with that task, but I don’t want to put my goals on hold any longer. I am a dedicated, responsible, loving person who is ready to continue my journey with furthering my education and starting my career.” Karen will be pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Her goal is to help troubled youth who are dealing with broken homes, bullying, drugs and all the struggles kids find themselves in. Karen has a huge heart that she is ready to share with others.

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